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Artist Services

Spotify Promotion

SpotifyProper promotion results in more streams, due to saves, replays, placement on private playlists etc. We work with playlist curators that have thousands of active and engaging followers (10.000 – 1.000.000 followers per playlist), they are highly ranked on spotify search results.  Every single stream, every single save will come from real people. Period.

In an industry full of fake streams, we take pride in providing organic music promotion through real and active playlists with engaging listeners. We are very happy to have worked on some big tracks and provide placements that resulted in 100s of thousands of streams!

Some of our tracks went viral and they got picked up by the algorithm and official playlists and surpassed a million streams, which is extraordinary and its the end result of massive campaigns.

If you would like more information, please contact us on info@bea1.co.uk 

UK 0207 965 7475
International +44 (0) 207 965 7475

Mastering  & Mixing

Our Mastering engineers have over 25 years experience in the underground and specialist music scenes. Working on top 10 records and Primetime music productions as well as cutting underground dubs intended for upfront club and radio. We run a Solid State Logic signal path and have premium convertors, running the stereo signal through a custom strip of outboard, plus internal software analysing the signal path at all times.

Along with mastering our engineers also offer stem mixing and traditional mix-downs. The guys have mixed some of the best new music around and are leaders in getting that radio friendly mix. Give us a shout and we can organise a quote. No job is the same so we like to tail our our approach.

Music Video & Lyric Video

We offer TV grade renders, all the way to basic net videos and our clients span from unsigned all the way to major label level. Our experienced team can deliver crisp, eye-catching visuals to help demonstrate your product further, being visual with your act is key these days so we have the team in place to make this happen.

In recent years the need for a full blown music video has reduced, however lyric videos are on the increase. We are currently in a world of visual richness so whichever way you chose to portray your message it makes sense to accompany the music with a catchy video so that at every point you are able to gain potential new fans simply by being visual in the most relevant platforms on offer.

Cover Artwork & Imagery

We can provide you with custom designed cover art, for use with iTunes, Amazon, BeatPort, Traxsource, Juno, eMusic and all other digital retailers. With your input, we’ll design the artwork, get your approval and send you the finished JPEG file.

The ‘release’ ready image will be accepted by all major distributors. The image will also be available for use in your social networks, email or wherever you’d like. The image is your property; you control it and its rights. Please note any photographs you supply us you must already own the rights. We can provide artwork for physical manufacturing for an additional fee. If you would like further information please get in touch.